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"Replaced my battery for my Iphone. Great and efficient service at a reasonable price. I highly recommend!!"
Krystyna N.
Verified Customer
Came to my work and fixed right there in 30 mins while I was in a meeting. Great service, much better than waiting at the Apple store or mailing your phone in for the fix. So easy!
S. Burke
Amazon home
services customer
Great, honest and prompt advice and repair to iPhone 5S. Corrected a DIY battery replacement which had resulted in battery and audio not working. New battery and secured all connections to result in fully functioning phone. Also advised on problem and solution for screen issue without trying to sell to me there and then. Thanks!
Mark Healy
Verified Customer

Iphone and Ipad
Repair Services

MrFixes is a MOBILE repair service and provides in-home repair services such as iphone repair,ipad repair,tv mounting and more in Boston and surrounding areas. We repair your phone or tablet anywhere you want.We come to you to fix your device at reasonable price.Let us handle all the job and you enjoy the quality of our work! Learn how it works.

In-Home Repair Services

  • We come to you to fix your device.
  • We bring all necessary parts and tools.
  • It usually takes 25-30 minutes.
  • Pay only if the job is done.
  • Whether you have broken iphone or cracked ipad,we can fix it. Chosse the service you want,and let the MrFixes magic happen!
Iphone Repair

We offer services like Iphone screen repair,iphone battery replacement,iphone charging port replacement and more.Learn more about Iphone Repair.

Ipad Repair

We can fix from broken ipad screen to battery replacement.Learn more about Ipad Repair.

TV Mounting

We offer tv mounting service now around in Boston area.Learn more about TV Mounting service.

10% off on Iphone or Ipad Screen Replacement.

You can redeem the discount at the checkout once the tech completed repair process. This code can be used only one time per customer.
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We can be anywhere as soon as in an hour in our service area.

Lifetime Warranty

Most of Iphone and Ipad Repair services come with lifetime warranty. Warranty only covers technical issues basically, functionality.Physical and water damage void the warranty.

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All our techs are background checked and well trained.At MrFixes we’re obsessed with gadgets and gizmos. We’re the folks standing in line on launch day waiting for the latest smartphone or gaming console. We love all things tech and we’re experts at what we do.

Top Quality Parts

Quality is what really sets us apart – we have been around long enough to distinguish the difference, and have worked with most major suppliers out there. We source only the highest quality parts on the market, built to the exact specifications as Apple products. This is the primary reason that we offer a warranty on our parts, and our work.

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Having your own mobile phone is now very essential not only for those who have businesses, but also even for those who are at home and at school. Your mobile phone is not only for taking pictures and checking the internet, but most important for contacting someone in case of emergency. Hence, it is really recommended for a person to have his own mobile phone always with him. However, there can be cases when you mobile phone gets damaged and whatever the reason may be, you now have a broken, unusable phone.

Here, you have a few options that you can consider: buy a new unit, attempt to fix the phone by yourself, or contact to a reputable phone repair service. For many people, buying a new phone is the most convenient route to take. However, your budget may take a huge hit, or perhaps the damage is not worth the cost of buying a new unit. And of course, there is the sentimentality factor: either the unit was given to you by a loved one or you painstakingly saved money to buy that phone, so you can’t simply dispose of it completely. So we recommend you to use a mobile repair service that is cost effective and at top quality.If you need any service in Greater Boston area,contact us and we will help you about all your electronics need.

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